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Tree Harvesting Techniques

RRP $711.99

The introduction of chain saws and tractors in the early 1950's marked the beginning of a change in tree harvesting techniques from the old manual methods to mechanized operations. It was followed by a rapid evolution both technically and systematically. Hence, the requirements for improved know- ledge of operational efficiency also increased. Changing relations between Man, machines and environment brought about new experiences and awareness of a physiological and ergonomic nature. Improved knowledge of both machine technology and planning of work on a small or large scale has grown increa- singly important for an efficient utilization of expensive machines and other equipment. The need for a textbook on tree harvesting techniques including expe- riences made in recent years is enhanced. The book presented here is prima- rily based on lectures given on the subject of Forest Techniques at the Faculty of Forestry at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and after modifications also at the University of Nairobi (Kenya). Thus, the book is written primarily for students at the faculties and institutes of forestry. However, it is also useful for persons actively occupied in forest operations. The presentation of this book in its original Swedish version in 1972 created a considerable interest in the preparation of a condensed edition in English. Thus interest has been expressed in Finland, Norway, Holland, Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, Japan, Poland, Scotland and Yugoslavia.

A Survey Of Photometric Stereo Techniques

RRP $233.99

Reconstructing the shape of an object from images is an important problem in computer vision that has led to a variety of solution strategies. This monograph focuses on photometric stereo, that is, techniques that exploit the observed intensity variations caused by illumination changes to recover the orientation of the surface. In the most basic setting, a diffuse surface is illuminated from at least three directions and captured with a static camera. Under some conditions, this allows to recover per-pixel surface normals. Modern approaches generalize photometric stereo in various ways; for example, relaxing constraints on lighting, surface reflectance and camera placement, or creating different types of local surface estimates. Starting with an introduction for readers unfamiliar with the subject, A Survey of Photometric Stereo Techniques discusses the foundations of this field of research. It then summarizes important trends and developments that have emerged in the last three decades. The focus is on approaches with the potential to be applied in a broad range of scenarios. This implies, for example, simple capture setups, relaxed model assumptions, and increased robustness requirements. This is an ideal reference for anyone looking for an understanding of the diverse concepts and ideas around this topic and how we can move towards more general techniques than traditional photometric stereo.

Atlas Of Trauma/ Emergency Surgical Techniques 1e

RRP $258.00

Atlas of Trauma/Emergency Surgical Techniques, a title in the Surgical Techniques Atlas Series, presents state-of-the-art updates on the full range of trauma and emergency surgical techniques performed today. Drs. Cioffi and Asensio, along with numerous other internationally recognized general surgeons, offer you step-by-step advice along with full-color illustrations and photographs to help youexpand your repertoire and hone your clinical skills.

"The Atlas is an excellent reference material aimed at senior level surgical residents and fellows, as well as an excellent review for practicing general surgeons."Reviewed by: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Date: 28/03/2015

  • Easily review normal anatomy and visualize the step-by-step progression of each emergency surgery procedure thanks to more than 330 detailed anatomic line drawings and clinical photographs.
  • Avoid complications with pearls and pitfalls from the authors for every surgical technique.
  • Master the key variations and nuances for a full range of emergency techniques. A highly formatted approach provides step-by-step instructions with bulleted "how-to" guidance for each procedure.
  • Access the entire text online at Expert Consult.


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SEO Search Engine Preventing crawling Increasing prominence
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