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Applied Mathematics In Aerospace Science And Engineering

RRP $931.99

This book contains the proceedings ofthe meeting on "Applied Mathematics in the Aerospace Field," held in Erice, Sicily, Italy from September 3 to September 10, 1991. The occasion of the meeting was the 12th Course of the School of Mathematics "Guido Stampacchia," directed by Professor Franco Giannessi of the University of Pisa. The school is affiliated with the International Center for Scientific Culture "Ettore Majorana," which is directed by Professor Antonino Zichichi of the University of Bologna. The objective of the course was to give a perspective on the state-of- the-art and research trends concerning the application of mathematics to aerospace science and engineering. The course was structured with invited lectures and seminars concerning fundamental aspects of differential equa- tions, mathematical programming, optimal control, numerical methods, per- turbation methods, and variational methods occurring in flight mechanics, astrodynamics, guidance, control, aircraft design, fluid mechanics, rarefied gas dynamics, and solid mechanics. The book includes 20 chapters by 23 contributors from the United States, Germany, and Italy and is intended to be an important reference work on the application of mathematics to the aerospace field. It reflects the belief of the course directors that strong interaction between mathematics and engineering is beneficial, indeed essential, to progresses in both areas.

A New Boundary Element Formulation In Engineering

RRP $137.95

The book presents a new boundary element formulation for the solution of boundary-value problems in potential theory and linear elastostatics. The basis of the approach is a multifield variational principle. A stiffness type of formulation is generated, involving a symmetric stiffness matrix, which is only evaluated on the boundary. The formulation is completely developed and its implementation in computer code is explained in detail. Several numerical examples are shown and the solutions are compared to analytical and to other approximate solutions. Further, a study of the convergence of the solutions is presented. This monograph on numerical methods, boundary elements, finite elements, hybrid models is intended for graduate students, engineers and researchers.

Physics For Scientists & Engineers

RRP $669.99

Books a la Carte are unbound, three-hole-punch versions of the textbook. This lower cost option is easy to transport and comes with same access code or media that would be packaged with the bound book.

As the most widely adopted new physics text in more than 50 years, Knight'sPhysics for Scientists and Engineers was published to widespread critical acclaim from professors and students. In theThird Edition, Knight builds on the research-proven instructional techniques he introduced in the first and second editions, as well as national data of student performance, to take student learning even further. Knight's unparalleled insight into student learning difficulties, and his impeccably skillful crafting of text and figures at every level - from macro to micro - to address these difficulties, results in a uniquely effective and accessible book, leading you to a deeper and better-connected understanding of the concepts and more proficient problem-solving skills.

For the Third Edition, Knight continues to apply the best results from educational research, and to refine and tailor them for this course. New pedagogical features (Chapter Previews, Challenge Examples, and Data-based Examples), end-of-chapter problem sets enhanced through analysis of national student metadata, fine-tuned and streamlined content, and an even more robust MasteringPhysics® program take the hallmarks of the previous editions- exceptionally effective conceptual explanation and problem-solving instruction- to a new level.

This package includes:

Books a la Carte for Physics for Scientists & Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics, Third Edition

  • Student Access Code Card for MasteringPhysics

A New Research Agenda For Improvements In Quality Of Life

RRP $354.99

This book presents a new research agenda for improvements in Quality of Life research. It includes topics such as:

-Studying QoL in particular subpopulations and selected subgroups

-Disentangling the difficult task of identifying determinants of QoL

-Perfectionating the measurement of conceptual dimensions

-Defining new indicators able to measure and monitor particular social conditions and shows that these are not separated fields of studies but intersect each other and produce different outcomes which can be with difficulty classifiable, consistent with the idea of the complexity of our reality.

The volume presents micro perspectives by taking into account the macro situation through both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

War And The Engineers

RRP $234.99

Do some technologies provoke war? Do others promote peace? Offense-defense theory contends that technological change is an important cause of conflict: leaders will be tempted to launch wars when they believe innovation favors attackers over defenders. Offense-defense theory is perhaps best known from the passionate and intricate debates about first-strike capability and deterrence stability during the cold war, but it has deeper historical roots, remains a staple in international relations theorizing, and drives modern arms control policymaking.In War and the Engineers, the first book systematically to test the logical and empirical validity of offense-defense theory, Keir A. Lieber examines the relationships among politics, technology, and the causes of war. Lieber's cases explore the military and political implications of the spread of railroads, the emergence of rifled small arms and artillery, the introduction of battle tanks, and the nuclear revolution. Lieber incorporates the new historiography of World War I, which draws on archival materials that only recently became available, to challenge many common beliefs about the conflict. The author's central conclusion is that technology is neither a cause of international conflict nor a panacea; instead, power politics remains paramount.


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SEO Search Engine Preventing crawling Increasing prominence
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SEO Search Engine Preventing crawling Increasing prominence
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