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The Engine Master

RRP $13.99

Long ago, settlers from a faraway continent built a floating city under the command of the Engine Master. High above the mountains and sprawling pine forests of the new land, Morinuin runs on coal and steam, and bustles with automatons and flying steam cars as well as humans. It's the year 121, and the Native villagers below the city are getting in the way of the coal mines. War breaks out and everyone must take a side. It won't be long before the city will run out of energy, unless someone finds another power source... Aneka does all she can to provide for her younger brother, Oliver. That's the way it always has been, at least since the siblings' parents died. But everything changes when their parents' legacy leads them to a quest to save their dying city, Morinuin. In search of a new power source, Aneka and Oliver are joined by a pickpocket, a royal servant, a former assassin, and a Native outcast to find the enigmatic Engine Master, who disappeared long after Morinuin was built. Will their mission keep the city afloat amidst war and death?

Variational Analysis And Aerospace Engineering

RRP $574.99

This volume consists of papers presented at the Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering Workshop II held in Erice, Italy in September 2010 at the International School of Mathematics "Guido Stampacchia." The workshop provided a platform for aerospace engineers and mathematicians (from universities, research centers and industry) to discuss the advanced problems requiring an extensive application of mathematics. The presentations were dedicated to the most advanced subjects in engineering and, in particular to computational fluid dynamics methods, introduction of new materials, optimization in aerodynamics, structural optimization, space missions, flight mechanics, control theory and optimization, variational methods and applications, etc.

This book will capture the interest of researchers from both academia and industry.


Space Technology Contribution In Engineering Services

RRP $534.99

Remote Sensing is the method of measurement of the object properties on the Earth's surface using data acquired from aircraft and satellites. This method makes it possible to carry out the measurement from the distance for the purpose of this research and to display those measurements over a two-dimensional spatial grid, i.e. images. Remote Sensing method, which is based on the data accessed from satellites, provides an opportunity to observe and monitor the Earth, collect appropriate information with further processing and integration of the Geographic Information System. This book's aim is to reveal the opportunities of the application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System advances in wide areas of engineering applications through analyzing its own achievements and challenges as well as creative sources existing in the indicated area. This book examines the conceptual aspects of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System. Its applications are based on implemented projects and its outcomes found a perfect reliable place in the field of engineering.

Market Research Analyst Career (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to win your dream job and be the first in line for a promotion.

Tribology For Engineers

RRP $671.99

Tribology for engineers discusses recent research and applications of principles of friction, wear and lubrication, and provides the fundamentals and advances in tribology for modern industry. The book examines tribology with special emphasis on surface topography, wear of materials and lubrication, and includes dedicated coverage on the fundamentals of micro and nanotribology. The book serves as a valuable reference for academics, tribology and materials researchers, mechanical, physics and materials engineers and professionals in related industries with tribology.

  • Edited and written by highly knowledgeable and well-respected researchers in the field
  • Examines recent research and applications of friction, wear and lubrication
  • Highlights advances and future trends in the industry


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SEO Search Engine Preventing crawling Increasing prominence
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SEO Search Engine Preventing crawling Increasing prominence
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